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Project B Green

Who are we?
Our Program

Project B Green is an in-kind donation and recycling program developed and sponsored by B-thrifty Holding LLC, a for-profit organization dedicated to recycling, reusing, and reselling gently used clothing, shoes and household items.

Our relationship with
Non-profit Organizations

We collect in-kind donations on behalf of our local charity partners and monetize them to support their valuable missions. Your donations are tax-deductible.

Our relationship with local businesses & Institutions:

We purchase and/or recycle reusable items from local businesses such as estate and yard sales, hauling and moving companies, office buildings, and others.

Donation Center

Project B Green is a for-profit organization that partners with various nonprofits and charities accepting donations, including clothing, accessories, shoes, and a range of household items. Our in-kind donation and recycling program is sponsored by    B-thrifty Holding LLC. We have several drop-off donation center locations, as well as donation bins in DC, Maryland, and Northern VA. All donations are tax-deductible.

How we work with nonprofit organizations and local businesses/institutions:

We collect in-kind charitable donations on behalf of our local partnered charities, businesses, and institutions and monetize your donation to support their valuable missions. Make your community a better place by donating today!

Our donors experiences