4 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Items You Should Donate in 2023

4 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Items You Should Donate in 2023

Most people have at least some clutter in their homes. This is perfectly natural, as we acquire various items over the years. However, there comes a time when you need to purge what you have to make room for new stuff. Find out what you should donate to get those items out of sight and out of mind!


Reading is a great way to decompress, and a great book can take you to another land. While we all have at least one special book that we could read countless times and never get sick of, there are likely other stories you could part with. Sort through all the books in your collection to determine what you no longer need. It can be helpful to create separate piles for:

  • Fiction stories
  • Nonfiction stories
  • Cookbooks
  • Children’s books

As you sort through your bookshelf, avoid donating encyclopedias, old textbooks, or outdated how-to guides. These won’t serve new readers much purpose. Instead, find a recycling center for these books or get creative and repurpose them.


In today’s modern age, most people stream music and movies. However, purchasing subscriptions to such services is expensive and not an option for everyone. If you have a pile of old DVDs or CDs you no longer want, give them to charity. This allows someone else to enjoy great music or lounge on the couch while watching a movie.

Pro Tip

If you live in Olney, MD, give your old media to Project B Green. When you schedule a donation pick-up, we’ll come to your home to retrieve the donation!

Wardrobe Essentials

Your closet may be one of the most crowded areas of the home, especially if you love fashion and purchasing new clothes. But the more clothes you buy, the less room you’ll have to continue expanding your wardrobe. If you want to keep growing your closet, you’ll need to donate some of your older garments. Some of the many wardrobe essentials you can donate to charity include:

  • Handbags
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Shoes

These are all great items to donate and out of sight and mind as we kick off 2023! Plus, you’ll make room for new apparel, shoes, and accessories by purging unwanted items from your wardrobe.

Home Décor

Home decorating styles often change throughout the years, which may mean you want to move certain décor into storage. Likewise, you may have some holiday decorations you no longer care to put up, leaving them idle in your basement or crawlspace. Why hold onto items that you have no intention of putting out? Donating gently used decorations to charity allows someone else to use them to give their home some flair!

Donate Locally

Project B Green serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. We happily accept the items listed above and more as in-kind donations. We partner with various non-profits to help them gather the monetary funds necessary to continue their wonderful programs. Please contact our team if you have questions about our organization or services.

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