Everything You Need To Know About Donating Sports Equipment

Everything You Need To Know About Donating Sports Equipment
If you’re a retired athlete or a parent whose children outgrew their equipment, you may have a lot of sporting items. There’s no point in holding onto all this equipment, especially when it creates clutter in your home. However, if these items are in great shape despite the years of use, throwing them away is also out of the question. Instead, consider donating to charity. Read on to explore everything you need to know about donating sports equipment.

Know What You Can Donate

If you have old equipment tucked away in the garage or basement, start the donating process by sorting through what you no longer need. Some great items you can give to a charity include:
  • Snowboards
  • Sporting balls
  • Baseball mitts
  • Helmets
  • Baseball mitts
Many organizations even accept larger equipment, such as treadmills, but some deem this as larger furniture and prefer that you donate smaller gear. You can even donate fitness items such as weights or resistance bands. In addition to the typical gear, you can and should donate gently used shoes. Purchasing a pair of gym shoes or cleats is expensive, and if yours only appear slightly used, someone else can utilize them. Proper footwear is key to most sports; without it, most coaches won’t let you play as you’re at higher risk of injury.

Inspect Every Piece

Evaluating the items you wish to donate is a crucial part of the process. While the equipment will appear used, it shouldn’t look worn out. Not sure how to tell the difference? Let’s use a baseball mitt as an example. The mitt may have a few scuffs in areas, which is fine. However, donation isn’t an ideal choice if you notice tears or unraveled threads. Don’t give it away if you wouldn’t use the sporting good as a hand-me-down.

Tips for Inspecting Shoes

When inspecting shoes, check the following areas:
  • Tongue: Unraveled threads or tearing
  • Body: Holes, tears, or wearing
  • Soles: Wear along the base or toe
If you notice these problems, especially wear or holes in the shoe’s base, don’t donate the pair. Also, inspect the inside for the same wear. Would you proudly wear the shoe out? Why haven’t you worn the pair in a while? If you haven’t worn the footwear because it reached the end of its life, recycle them.

Donating Tip

The laces may appear frayed, but the rest of the shoe could still be in excellent condition. Consider purchasing a pair of replacement laces before you give a complete shoe to charity.

Why Inspection Matters

Worn-out sporting equipment doesn’t just matter for aesthetics. It also affects performance and can increase or decrease risks. That worn-out mitt may not have the same padding to protect a player’s hand when catching a fly ball. Similarly, old shoes may not have the same traction or foot support. Both increase an athlete’s risk of experiencing injuries on the playing field.

When Donation Isn’t an Option

When you can’t donate items, strive to dispose of the gear at the proper recycling center. Organizations such as GotSneaker recycle worn-out shoes so that they don’t end up in landfills. If you still want to donate equipment, shop for clearance items at the store to ensure you can still give high-quality gear to charity.

Pick the Perfect Charity

Next on the list of things you need to do when donating sports equipment is to pick an organization. Some charities, such as Leveling the Playing Field, Let’s Play It Forward or One World Running, dedicate their mission to collecting used shoes. Alternatively, you could donate to organizations with a broader focus. For instance, many clothing donation charities happily accept gently used shoes. If you plan to clear out your closet, you may have more to give than just sporting goods. Picking an organization and selecting a charity that accepts multiple items is often the most convenient choice. As you search for an organization, consider your values and decide on a charity that shares your goals. Also, evaluate their credibility to ensure you give to the best cause.

Donate Here

Project B Green accepts in-kind charitable donations in Olney, MD, from the community. We partner with local non-profits like Leveling the Playing  Field and help ensure they have the funds to continue their life-changing programs. We accept various items, including gently used sport equipment, shoes, clothing, accessories, and handbags. As you clean out your bedroom, organize a pile of things you can donate.

Keep Everything Organized

If you have various shoes to sort through, take the necessary time to establish separate boxes for each type of shoe. Gym shoes can go in one bin while boots go in another, and so forth. Moreover, if this is a household project, consider organizing shoes according to age group. This step helps the charity sort through your donation and know what you’ve given to them.

Why Donate Sporting Equipment

Playing sports is fun for all ages and a terrific way to burn off energy. Plus, it engages you in a team spirit while encouraging collaboration. Playing sports during childhood can also help kids improve their emotional control and confidence. However, buying new gear is expensive, and the sad reality is that some people can’t afford the items they need to participate. Giving your old, gently used equipment to a charity provides someone else equal access to the activities you love. As a bonus, you’ll clear out space in your home that you can utilize for newer equipment or something completely different.

It Brings You Joy

Helping a good cause makes us happy and increases self-confidence. We all want to make a difference in this world, and contributing to charities is an amazing way of doing that. Plus, giving makes us grateful for the things we have—you can use this as a lesson to teach your children about gratitude. Nothing can top the joy of knowing you helped make a difference in someone else’s life. Giving others the same access to enjoy athletics is an incredible deed that brightens everyone’s day.

Bonus Donation Tips

Are you looking for additional ways to get involved as you donate sporting equipment? Consider organizing a charity drive at your local school or with neighbors. This event allows multiple community members to participate and give old sporting supplies to people in need. Establish separate bins according to each sport as you begin planning. Take time to collect your old sporting equipment so that you can donate it. Organizations like Project B Green will happily accept these items. Lead the change you wish to see in your community.

Everything You Need To Know About Donating Sports Equipment

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