Guide to the Different Types of Charities

Guide to the Different Types of Charities

When we talk about giving to charity, we think of it as an over-arching term, but many different communities need assistance. Because of this, there are various types of charities so everyone in need can get the help they deserve. Plus, we all hold different causes near and dear to our hearts, and with a broader selection of charities, everyone can best decide whom they’d like to give to. Keep reading this guide to the different types of charities to learn more about the many causes you can support!

Types of Charities

There are all sorts of ways a charity can set itself up, and how it does this may impact how those in charge allocate funds and how they request assistance from the public. Some foundations rely on grant applications, while others raise most of their money by soliciting donations from the public.

Explaining Private and Public Foundations

In most cases, a single individual or small group of people oversee a private charity. For example, if a husband-and-wife duo notice problems with homelessness in their community, they may establish a foundation to assist these individuals.

Unlike other types of charity, a private charity is particular in which community the founders want to help. Think of this like a small business; the CEO decides on the mission, a target group to help, how to allocate funds, and whom they’ll hire. Funding also works differently for private foundations since raising money relies on work from the founder and board members.

It’s also important to note that private charities aren’t required to share how they spend their money. Why does this matter? Because knowing how an organization spends funds makes it easier for you to decide whether to give to them. Online sources like Charity Navigator allow you to research organizations and review how they spend donations.

What Are Grants?

Various charities rely on grants to fund their programs, so we need foundations to create these grants. Often, these are a type of public charity—making them one way to raise money. A grant-making foundation can use the money raised to offer funds to private charities or other charities that apply.

Grants and Private Charities

Most of the time, private charities rely on grants to run their programs. This differs from public charities, which rely on the public for support. This isn’t to say private charities don’t need help from their community because they do. However, unlike public charities, they cannot solicit money or other donations from people.

Community Foundation

A community foundation is another type of charity, and the service area for these are location-based. Community charities typically rely on grants, donations, and endorsements to raise money. These organizations focus on helping individuals living in a specific area, typically also selecting a segmented group of the population. For example, some community foundations offer food support to individuals while others provide professional support.

Categories of Charities

Another key area to discuss in this guide to the different types of charities are the categories foundations may fall into based on whom they help. We all want to improve our world and have different causes we believe in. Thanks to this mindset and the generosity of others, there are all sorts of categories of charities. Let’s learn more about these types of organizations, so you can easily decide which ones to donate to.

Humanitarian Charities

Humanitarian charities focus on humane efforts to give all people an equal chance to access food, social services, shelter, and more. Foodbanks and homeless shelters are wonderful examples of humanitarian charities that strive to provide impoverished individuals and families with the necessities some of us take for granted.

Education-Centric Charities

Some education-centric charities establish education programs to help kids get the school supplies needed to thrive in the classroom. However, other charities offer resources that aren’t visible, like after-school tutoring. Every child deserves the resources to learn; in some communities, this can become even more challenging due to financial hurdles.

Health-Centric Charities

Our physical and mental health is essential, so everyone should have the resources to maintain this. Sadly, proper medical care isn’t possible for everyone, but we all deserve access to healthcare professionals. These foundations support treatment, prevention, and education around physical and mental health.

Clothing Charities

Clothing charities help gather apparel, shoes, and accessories for others; these can be new or gently used items. Some foundations are for-profit organizations and partner with charities to make positive changes in the community. Other clothing charities bring the clothing to impoverished areas so people can get the garments they need.

Art and Culture Charities

Culture and Art hold key places in our society because they help to preserve our heritage and ensure stories live on. Plus, the Arts increase critical thinking skills, which is vital for all age groups.

Animal and Environmental Charities

We all share this earth, so why not take care of it and the animals that inhabit it? Some charities aim to help keep our neighborhoods beautiful, while others strive to conserve natural areas. For instance, the National Park Foundation is a national charity that relies on public aid to protect beautiful sites like the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and other areas.

Animal-focused charities are just as important, and some work to protect endangered species. Every creature plays an essential role in our ecosystem; losing one could be detrimental to everything in the area.

Project B Green

Project B Green is a for-profit organization that partners with local non-profit organizations to collect in-kind donations on their behalf and monetize them to support the valuable missions. We accept various contributions, including clothing, shoes, toys, books, holiday decorations, small kitchen appliances, and much more! Plus, Project B Green offers a donation pickup option so you can give items away without the hassle of dropping them off.

We also have a recycling program to ensure all belongings end up in the right place—while something may no longer have a use, the proper organization can recycle it.

Giving to charity makes your community a better place for everyone, so decide on a cause near to your heart and provide support to local charities that share your mindset.

Guide to the Different Types of Charities

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