The 10 Most Important School Items To Donate This Year

The 10 Most Important School Items To Donate This Year

As the new school year grows closer, now is the time to start picking up school supplies. Every child needs the right items to flourish in the classroom, but some families don’t have the means to purchase these things. And this is where the generosity of others helps to save the day. If you want to give back to your community, jot down these important school items to donate this year.


Every child needs properly fitting clothing to feel comfortable when they attend class. Kids grow fast, and regularly replacing clothes gets expensive. You can help by sorting through your child’s gently used clothes and donating items that no longer fit them. While those outfits may no longer serve your child, someone else will love them just as much.

Donate a Variety of Clothes

As you sort through your child’s clothes, aim to donate items for each season. When the school year start, fall is right around the corner, and kids will need more than summer clothes to wear to class.

Project B Green

Project B Green is an in-kind donation and recycling program. You can bring your old garments to one of our locations or schedule a pickup, and we’ll take them off your hands! We partner with local non-profits to collect in-kind donations on behalf of our local charity partners and monetize them to support their valuable missions. You can bring your old garments to one of our locations or schedule a pickup, and we’ll take them off your hands! We partner with local non-profits to ensure everyone has the necessary clothing and other items.


Just like clothing, kids need shoes that they can wear to run and jump around. Most young children are active, and shoes that are too small will squeeze their feet. Over time, shoes wear out and don’t protect the feet as well, but with your donation of new or gently used shoes, they can have the foot protection everyone deserves.

Just like clothing, aim to donate a variety of shoes such as:

  • Gym shoes
  • Formal shoes
  • Boots
  • Sandals
  • Slip-on

Kids need shoes for different types of weather and outfits. For instance, on picture day, a child may want to wear a cute pair of flats to look perfect from head to toe, just like the rest of their peers.


Reading is vital for a variety of reasons. First, it helps young children begin harnessing their language skills. Additionally, reading is a relaxing pastime for many of us and allows us to visit another world in our imagination. Finally, many children’s books also include life lessons about empathy, friendship, honesty, and more.

Sit down with your child and sort through their bookshelf together. From here, you can both decide which books can go to kids in need. For example, your 10-year-old child may no longer be interested in picture books and instead gravitate towards children’s novels. In this instance, you can create a pile of picture books to donate to make room for more chapter books.


When we think about important school items to donate, toys are probably the last thing to come to mind, but play is an integral part of a child’s development. Items like blocks help a child harness their small motor skills, while xylophones can help them develop creativity. And playtime gives kids a chance to decompress after a long day of learning.


Without a backpack, children don’t have a realistic way of carrying all their necessary supplies between home and school. Plus, this gives them an organized place to store their homework and necessary handouts, so nothing gets lost on the way to their house. Like many other items on this list, a quality backpack can be expensive, but these backpacks are often more durable. Donating old bookbags ensures every child has this essential school item.

Donation Tip

Before donating a used backpack, inspect it for tears and holes. Pay extra attention to the base and straps; if one of these breaks, everything inside could tumble out. You should also ensure all the zippers work.

Folders and Binders

Accordion and paper folders, as well as binders, help kids harness their organizational skills. They can’t shove everything straight into their backpack, nor can they rely on a single folder. School includes a variety of subjects, and children should have a folder or binder for each one. This way, everything has a place, and they’re less likely to lose items and fall behind on due dates.


As kids progress in mathematics and science classes, they often require different calculators. The one that served your child in fifth grade doesn’t offer the necessary functions in high school. Rather than tossing these old calculators into a drawer at home, bring them to a charity. Those advanced calculators can be especially expensive, and the child who receives it will appreciate your generosity.

Art Supplies

Art is wonderful at any age since creativity helps improve problem-solving, encourages curiosity, allows freedom of expression, and more! In elementary school, art class is usually a part of the curriculum, and children need several different supplies. Consider donating scissors, glue, crayons, construction paper, and other items an artistic kid would love.

Writing Utensils

Taking notes and completing classwork is impossible without writing tools like pens and pencils. As children advance in school, taking notes becomes even more important, and teachers rely more on lectures. Often, stores sell pens and pencils in bulk packaging, so your child may not need all of them. Consider donating the extra items so another child can be just as prepared as yours is to learn.

Paper Note-Taking Essentials

Finally, there are a few commonly required paper note-taking items you can donate to help kids in the classroom. This includes things like erasers as well as:

  • Sticky notes: Great for bookmarking pages or leaving a note.
  • Notecards: Helpful for studying and giving speeches.
  • Notebooks: Required for taking notes and keeping them safe.

Since many parents buy some of these items in bulk at the beginning of the school year, you may find you have plenty of extra that you can bring to a local charity.

Make a Difference

Your donation helps children have what they need to feel more confident and ready to learn. Help those in your community by giving clothing charity donations or any other of these items; just remember to inspect used items for obvious signs of wear before giving them away. Project B Green accepts clothing, shoes, books, bags, toys, and more. Your donation can make an incredible impact on a child’s life.

The 10 Most Important School Items To Donate This Year

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