Have a Stack of Old DVDs? Here’s What You Can Do With Them

Have a Stack of Old DVDs? Here’s What You Can Do With Them

Many of us still have a pile of DVDs from the good old days, but with streaming becoming the primary way of watching old TV shows and movies, those discs may be obsolete. Why waste space for DVDs when you can stream everything and use that extra room for other belongings? Below, we’ve highlighted what you can do with the stack of old DVDs you no longer want.

Selling Old DVDs

Although you may no longer want or need your old DVDs, that doesn’t mean nobody else will. Often collectors are happy to buy these items off you to add to their stockpile. Likewise, many thrift shops accept DVDs they resell to the public since they could be someone else’s treasure. Some people collect DVDs for their film library that they like to show off to other film buffs.

If you decide to sell your old DVDs and other media, consider using websites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, or another resale site. And if you want to skip the hassle of setting a price and shipping out the items, you can search for thrift shops in your area. Check out their website or call the shop to verify they accept DVDs, so you don’t waste time traveling there only to return home with the stack of discs.

Selling Tip

Before setting aside a pile of DVDs to sell, evaluate each one and look for scratches or cracks. Both can lead to the movie skipping or freezing, and nobody likes when that happens. You should only sell DVDs that are in good condition; set the others to the side and use them for a different purpose.

Tips for Donating Old DVDs

If you don’t want to sell old DVDs, and they’re in good condition, you can bring them to a local charity so someone else can enjoy them. Unfortunately, streaming platforms can get expensive, and some families may not have the money for them, making watching movies challenging.

Consider bringing your DVDs to a local charity or see if your library will accept them. Both allow someone else to enjoy your old collection that you no longer want or need.

Find the Right Charity

Donating gently used DVDs is a wonderful way of getting rid of them, so take time to search for charities in your area that accept these items. Project B Green will happily take that old media off your hands, so check out our drop-off locations for donations to find the one closest to you!

Reusing Old DVDs

You can also deal with that stack of old DVDs by repurposing those discs, which is especially helpful if they’re in poor condition. Whether you get creative with old DVDs or recycle them is up to you, but both options help our planet.

Get Crafty With Them

Stretching those creative muscles is always fun and a great way to get yourself thinking outside the box. When it comes to old DVDs, there are all sorts of things you can do with them, such as making:

  • Dream catchers
  • Ornaments
  • Suncatchers
  • Seasonal crafts

All these options allow you to reuse those DVDs so they don’t wind up in a landfill. Plus, when you and the kids use it to make seasonal crafts like a snowman or bunny face, you’ll have something cute to put up around the holidays!

Break Those DVDs

Back when you’d watch the DVD, the thought of breaking it was blasphemous. Now, however, you don’t use it anymore. And if the disc has deep scratches, no one can get much viewing pleasure out of it. Instead, many crafty individuals break these DVDs apart to create mosaics on canvas and photo frames or make jewelry out of the shards. Depending on your creative vision, you can use either side of the disc, since some have a design on the front.

Bonus: Recycle Old Media

Some of us aren’t into crafts or may not want to repurpose old discs, which is fine. However, if you have no intention to reuse old, damaged DVDs, make sure you recycle them at a center that accepts these types of items.

DVDs and CDs cannot go into your household recycle bin because they are made from polystyrene. However, you can bring them to the appropriate recycling center for proper disposal, which is better for your community and, in turn, our planet. This allows the discs to be melted down and reused to create other items.

Why Not the Trash?

Is throwing DVDs in the trash easy? Yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the correct way to dispose of them. Doing this increases pollution, and plastic items like this won’t break down quickly, if at all, which only wastes more space in a landfill.

Reasons To Get Rid of DVDs

Old DVDs are not much different than other clutter in your home. If you no longer watch them, there may not be a need to hold onto them. You can keep your favorites, especially if you still own a DVD player. But if there are discs from when your kids were young and other movies you haven’t watched in years and don’t plan to, there’s no point in holding onto them.

Getting rid of them frees up room in your house, so decide whether you’ll sell or donate DVDs in good condition, then repurpose or recycle the others. We all love watching a great movie, and when you donate old DVDs, you make this pastime easier for those who may not have the money for brand new DVDs or streaming platforms.

Who Is Project B Green

Project B Green is a for-profit organization that partners with local charities by monetizing donations and using the proceeds to support their valuable missions. We collect various items you likely have collecting dust in your home! Declutter your house and bring them to us. Project B Green will reuse, resell, and recycle those donated items. Sort through your DVD collection and get rid of the discs you no longer want.

Have a Stack of Old DVDs? Here’s What You Can Do With Them

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